The Collaborative for Exceptional Education


We are glad that you have joined us here at the Collaborative for Exceptional Education. We’re dedicated to working together toward more quality, more equity and more exceptional education throughout Colorado.

Many schools struggle to provide high-quality educational programming for their diverse learners due to poor teacher retention and recruitment, lack of resources, or lack of expertise.

The Collaborative offers services that include virtual and in person trainings, as well as onsite teacher and leader development that will support schools in developing and retaining their teachers, while simultaneously advocating and collaborating with district, state, and national organizations. This will create systemic changes to ensure that schools are set up for success to serve their diverse learners.

Offerings in the Collaborative

The Collaborative for Exceptional Education serves schools, leaders, districts and other organizations who are looking to excel in Special Education. All our offerings provide a high degree of value throughout the year. Read More

Direct Consulting and Coaching

The Collaborative serves Special Education  leaders, educators, and partner organizations through coaching and consulting on an as-needed basis. Your needs may be individualized — our services can be too. Contact us

A Focus on Exceptional Education

We are committed to improved student outcomes for exceptional learners. It is our “Why?” and our singular mission.

Ask an educator what inspires them about their profession and you will be regaled with stories of exceptional students who were able to realize their full potential, often in the face of adversity, and succeed in life.

But the reality of today’s education system is that the lion’s share of attention and resources are most often focused on the students in the middle with similar learning styles as the teacher themselves, rather than the exceptional edges of the student population.

The Collaborative was formed to increase access to the high-quality educational thought leadership, advocacy, talent and resources schools need to optimally serve their most diverse student learners.



The Collaborative is dedicated to advocating for an improved environment in which to serve all children of various needs in schools. Join us as we fight to keep what we have and expand funding, policy, and a vision that will ensure equity for all our students. Contact us

How can we help YOU?

Special education leaders, educators, and partner organizations can all benefit from the Collaborative’s services to provide exceptional education for all students. Contact us today