Our Approach

Mission & Vision

The mission of the Collaborative for Exceptional Education is to break down barriers and build schools’ capacity to serve their diverse learners. To do this effectively, the Collaborative will work alongside educational organizations at all levels (school, district, and state) to serve their exceptional student population.

The goal is to create systematic change at all levels that aligns to a shared belief that ALL students in Colorado deserve access to a high-quality education.


Desired impact & end state

One of the Collaborative’s core values is to “Provide the highest quality while working to make the biggest impact.” Often in the world of education, organizations track inputs because the outcomes easily fluctuate based on uncontrolled factors. However, to be good stewards of public and private funds, the Collaborative must be heavily outcomes driven so change is actually made. The goal of the Collaborative is to have enough of an impact that we see improvement in the gap between the academic performance of our diverse learners when compared to typical learning peers, improvements in the graduation rates of our diverse learners, and the successful completion of these students’ post-secondary goals.

Meet the Team

Teams come in all shapes and sizes. The Collaborative is led by Executive Director, Kaci Coats. The team is rounded out with support from the core design team, the advisory board, and the League.


Kaci Coats

Founder & Executive Director

Twelve years experience as an educator working as a special educator in both youth corrections and public schools. Former director for a charter network in Colorado.



CDT & Advisory Board

Support, direction, vision

The Collaborative was developed with the help from the Core Design Team (CDT) and Advisory Committee which has more than 100 years combined experience leading and serving schools and organizations in this important field.


The League

Staff at the League

Staff at the League support the Collaborative in a variety of ways: From back office functions, to marketing support and fundraising and more.

Next Steps...

We welcome the chance to discuss your school’s needs with you whether you are a School Leader, SPED or Student Services Director, District Staff, or New School Developer. We want to find the right fit for you to help you succeed in providing exceptional education for your students.